About Us

Welcome to Jonesville Pathways School

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At Pathways, we offer regular and online classes on Edmentum.

We are an accredited High School program within

the Jonesville Community School District, where students graduate

with a High School Diploma. Students have

the ability to take vocational classes at the Tech Center or with requirements met, through JCC.

We are proud that our students have gone on to earn many

various degrees and have served in military services.

As part of our curriculum we offer basketball, softball, volleyball

and proudly show off our trophies competing at the state level.

Prom is always an exciting event as our students participate in the concept, design and set building to create a beautiful atmosphere. Students also benefit in learning social and professional etiquette by working with their peers, business owners and community.

Our staff is always looking for ways to improve and promote a learning environment conducive to our changing world to help student advancement.